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When I say short, I mean SHORT. As in TINY. As in "I can't believe this is July's story". On the bright side, I have six more days.

This is attempt number a million to write a story about fairies. It was written for the Merry Fates Mega Prompt Challenge in the hopes that I will be the random draw and win one of their awesome prizes.

I'd apologize for the atrocious puns, but we'd all know I don't mean it. You should see the ones I edited out!

Give Peas a Chance
E.K. Johnston

Here’s the thing about peas.

They’re not really all that tasty. They get mushy when you stab at them with a fork and they roll away if you forgo stabbing and attempt to scoop them up. They don’t even taste good with honey, no matter what the poems say. And don’t get me started on the potential for unfortunate homonyms.

Being a pea-fairy is a tough gig.

Needless to say, we were all pretty thrilled when we found out that Hans Christian Anderson was working on a story about us. For all these years it had been sweetpeas and snowpeas, and now we were finally about to get some good press. It was a story about a Princess, we told one another, and a pea would co-star.

What they don’t tell you is that fairy tales are cruel.

They let you find that out for yourself. Like it’s an important lesson that every being must learn on their own. Ask people who use spinning wheels. You’d think fairies would be exempt. We aren’t. We were happy to be included, and then we found out that we would be the tool of the villain. We’re thinking of forming a support group.

The good news is that all fairy tales end the same way.

Good triumphs over evil. Good triumphs over peas. Peas aren’t even a proper vegetable, but your parents will make you eat them, one for every year of your life because we kept that girl awake. We brought down a tyrant and who gets the credit but True Love and Good Breeding. That’s life when you’re tiny and round, even if you’ve got wings and look just like all the other fairies.

On the bright side, modern nutritionists are pushing the idea of eating legumes.

This would be more reassuring if it wasn’t for the sudden popularity of hummus.

Date: 2010-07-26 09:43 pm (UTC)
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Heeee! Love the title and story! The Princess and the Pea is my favorite fairy tale. You've done it justice!


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